Since Februray 7th, 1991, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Most Holy Mary, Saint Joseph , the Holy Ghost, the Angels and Saints, have been appearing daily in Jacareí, São Paulo, Brazil, at 6:30PM (Brasília time). She introduces Herself as Queen and Messenger of Peace and makes one last call to conversion, through a Young man: Marcos Tadeu, who in the beginning of the Apparitions was only 13 years old. They are the most intense Apparitions in the history of our country, and Most Holy Mary says that they are the last Apparitions for Humanity. The Mother of God asked that would be done every day, at 8 PM, the Holy Hour of Peace, so that families convert themselves and the world has Peace. She promised Her protection to the families who do it every day. Our Lady says that the Apparitions of Jacareí and of Medjugorje (ex-Yugoslavia) are the continuation and the CONCLUSION of Fatima.

Monday, March 17, 2014






(Saint Lucia): “My beloved brethren, I, Lucia, thank ye once again for being Here.

Peace, peace, peace! Peace to your hearts. Nothing disturbs your peace. 

Open your heart to Peace, let Heaven’s Peace enter into your heart and fills it completely. To receive divine Peace, it is necessary to convert the heart. In other words, detach it from all sin, renounce to all sin. It is necessary to open it, empty it, give space so that the Holy Spirit pours His Peace in your hearts.

Therefore, it is necessary that ye detach yourselves, that ye empty yourselves of your will, of the vanities, of the caprices, of your self-worship, of the small pleasures, of the sensual movements of your body, of your flesh. So that thus, the Holy Spirit pours His Peace upon ye and in ye.

To receive His Peace, it is necessary to renounce pride, presumption, rebellion, the uncontrolled movements of the rebellious will, of the untamed will, of the untamed self-love. Then, with your heart emptied, the Holy Spirit may enter into it, may find space in it and give ye Peace.

This Peace that only God can give, the world does not know it and even if you lived a thousand years looking for that peace in the pleasures of this world, in money, in honors and in glories, you would never find it. Because this Peace is from Heaven; it is not of Earth and the things of Earth cannot give it, they cannot produce it. Also carnal and sensual pleasures, no matter how much they are sought after, they cannot give the Peace that only Heaven can give.

Open your hearts to this Peace, so that it enters into your heart, remains with you and produces in ye the unalterable, the immutable Peace that only God can give and that remains in the heart that is well united to Him.

To everyone at this time, I bless with love and say: Pray more, prepare yeselves for the encounter with God the Father tomorrow. Prepare your heart with more prayer so that His Grace can truly fill your souls.

To everyone, we bless now with love, form Syracuse, from Catania and from Jacareí.”

(Marcos): “See You soon.”


(Saint Irene appeared surrounded by two Angels)

“My beloved brethren, I, IRENE, rejoice for returning Here today and give ye another Message to help ye in the path of perfection, of love and of peace.

Be like cedars of Lebanon, be strong in the faith, be strong in trust, in hope, in love, in such a way that all of your person is a powerful and a vibrant testimony to all people of the entire world, in order that all those who are in darkness see the Lord’s Light and come towards the Lord’s Light.

Be like strong cedars, increasingly living in a life of intense and deep prayer, a prayer that never stops at any moment and even when ye are working and studying, this prayer keeps coming out and going up from you to Heaven, offering all of your actions, all your thoughts in unity with The Sacred Hearts, with Us, the Saints of Heaven. So that thus, Our prayers and yours united, become a great power to achieve the conversion of so many sinners and the salvation of many, many nations on Earth.

Be like strong cedars, practicing the Virtues that please the Sacred Hearts so much, so that your spiritual perfection increasingly each day, grows until attaining the plenitude of holiness.

Study, study the Catholic Doctrine which has been passed on to ye by tradition and by the writings of the Saints up to the present day, so that thus, ye understanding perfectly that which the Lord came to the world to teach ye, ye may be able to know well the path that you must follow to get to Heaven and along with you to bring the millions and millions of your brethren, who need someone to show them the true path and lead them through the true path.

Be like strong cedars, living continuously in personal mortification, i.e., renouncing yeselves, your will, your disordered attachments, so that then, your heart and soul be free, free to truly serve God with all your heart, with all your effort and all your joy so you can open as many other paths as possible so that all your brethren find the path that leads to the Lord, to Heaven. Open these doors to your brethren, so then, they will be able to find the true path that leads toward God.

Live continually in God, seeking to sharpen your feelings, thoughts, desires and yearnings with His. Seek to conform your thinking with the thinking of the Lord in order that His Holy Spirit does not find any barriers or obstacles within your souls. Cultivate true love every day and do not ever allow it to die within ye, flee from all that suffocates, all that burns, that dries the rose of true love within your soul, so that then, ye may every day grow more and more in the true love of God which will lead ye finally to eternal glory.

I, Irene, Martyr of the Lord, will always be by your side to help ye and lead ye down the road of sanctification. 

Continue with all the prayers that Heaven gave ye Here, because through these Holy Hours of Prayer, your souls, like fragrant roses of love, will grow and will bloom always more to the holiness that the Most Holy Trinity desires and has planned for ye all. 

I, Irene, want to conserve divine peace in ye. This peace which is born of deep and true awareness to fulfill the will of God, of being on the right path desired by the Lord for each one of ye. Therefore, I say unto ye: renounce any way that is not the way of the Lord, renounce any road that is not the road of the Lord, renounce all will, all other plan that is not the will and the plan of Lord for ye. 

I will be with ye to help ye to know the will of God and to put it into practice with accuracy. I Am closer to ye than you imagine; in your sufferings, call upon Me, pray to Me and I will carry ye in My arms, giving ye strength to conquer all trials. 

At this time, I bless ye generously with love and especially you Marcos, the dearest of My brethren and the most ardent of My true devotees and friends."

(Marcos): “Yes... Yes... I will do it, yes... See you soon.”


APRIL 21, 2013



“My beloved children, today, I call ye again to true Love, which is pleasant to God and that is the only way through which you can reach to Him.

Seek true love, leaving all the vain things of this world that prevent ye from receiving Him and knowing Him, so that thus, truly, your heart is free and available so that divine love reveals himself in it, pours himself in it, delivers himself and performs in ye the great conversion, the great sanctification that the Lord wants all of ye.

Seek true love, so that thus, your souls transform themselves into the pure, enlightened, dignified and holy temples so that the Holy Trinity may dwell in your heart, can govern your whole life and can bring you increasingly on the way of holiness so that She is perfectly glorified in ye all.

Seek true love, that ye may be those citadels that the Holy Trinity and I wish you to be, those mystical cities where We can live, reign and rule every day, have in ye Our real palace, our real garden of rest, Our garden of delights, and thus, your souls are our home and We will be the abodes of your souls, and thus united in one flame of love, we live perfect giving the Lord the glorification, the obedience, the worship that He desires from ye and to your Mother, the perfect love, the perfect obedience, the perfect correspondence that I so want and desire from ye.

Seek true love, so that your souls truly knowing this love, may live in Him, may donate Him, sprinkle Him, communicate Him to all the souls who do not yet know Him, so that this world immersed in sin, in disobedience to God, in the lovelessness to God, can finally immerse into a new time of holiness, grace and love. If true love is present in your souls, then, this world wrapped in the darkness of sin, the errors that increasingly now spread both within and outside the Christian people, this world will know the new light of its resurrection, of its Pentecost, of its complete transformation in that world of holiness, of love and peace that I want so much for ye and that I pray so much for and fight so much to bring to ye.

Seek true love for the Lord, proving this love towards Him more by works than by words, more by fact than only by desires and intentions, so that thus My children, truly, your life will be a perennial witness of God's love, of the grace of God and the power of His love as was the life of My little daughter Bernadette Soubirous, Saint Bernadette. Then, your life will also become a perfect love song to the Lord and to Me as Her life was and your lives will truly be as was the life of My little daughter Bernadette: a perfect reflection of My purity, of My holiness, of My love, of My grace.

Today, when you are celebrating My little daughter Bernadette of Lourdes, I, with generosity, with love bless ye and say unto ye: Here in this blessed place of My Apparitions, which is My new Lourdes, My last Lourdes, I will finish everything that I started with My little daughter Saint Bernadette in Lourdes. Here I will take My Plans to Their perfect conclusion and execution and My Immaculate Heart will triumph, banishing the darkness of the world and making shine for all humanity a new time of peace, a new time of grace, holiness and love.

Continue with all the prayers that I have given ye Here, because through the Rosary, the Holy Hours of Prayer, I will make you increasingly similar to My little daughter Saint Bernadette. Here, in the person and work of My little child Marcos, who made millions of My children love Me more, many other millions know Me, give their hearts to Me and follow Me by the road of Prayer, Penance, the fleeing from sin, of the daily search for holiness. Yes, in his person and work, I reflect My mystical light, which will become increasingly intense the more dense is the darkness to surround all things

My Heart will triumph and My victory, My glory that, since My Apparitions in Lourdes I have expressed to My beloved children until to arrive here, in My last Apparitions in Jacareí, My glory will be seen by the entire world and Satan will be annihilated forever.

In My Love, I bless you all with generously, from LOURDES, from Turzovka, from El Escorial and JACAREÍ.

Peace My beloved children, abide in the peace of the Lord. Peace to you Mark, the hardest working of My children. "


"My beloved brethren, today when you are celebrating My Feast, I BERNADETTE OF LOURDES come to tell ye: Pray with love! Prayer with love leads your souls to seek the LORD always more, His Will always more and helps ye fulfill it faithfully as He desires from ye. Prayer with love beautifies your souls, purify your hearts, strengthens your spirit against Satan’s temptations, opens Heaven for ye and makes ye increasingly jump rapidly up the ladder of holiness that leads you to Heaven.

Pray with love, because the prayer with love leads you increasingly closer to the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, it transforms ye, making yeselves into His image and likeness, gives ye a little bit of that purity, that spiritual perfection the Immaculate Mother of God has in Herself, makes ye look increasingly more like Saint Joseph in obedience to God, in love, in fidelity to Jesus and to Blessed Mary, makes ye grow more in purity, chastity and holy fear of the Lord. Prayer with love makes your soul live, with her the Holy Spirit can communicate to ye, through her He can act powerfully in your souls and thus your souls can finally know the true life in God, the life of holiness that He desires for each of ye.

Give your yes unto the Lord, as I myself did, holding nothing for ye, in other words, give to the Lord all your heart, all your soul, all your being. Foster in your hearts the holy desires of serving the Lord better, because holy desires will always lead ye to have your soul ablaze of love for God. During the day, tell the Lord many times that ye want to love Him as I loved Him, like all the saints loved Him. Tell the Lord and the Blessed Virgin that you want to obey them as no one has yet done, so that thus, holy desires lead ye indeed to love the Lord, to love the Mother of God, to fulfill His Will as no one today has fulfilled it and thus one day ye will be true and great saints for the greater glory of the Lord.

Every day, do your daily duties with the same love as I Myself did, because the fulfillment of the daily duty leads ye to the daily perfection that will propel ye, will lift ye increasingly to a high holiness and then, at the end of your lives, ye, like fragrant and beautiful flowers, will be picked from the garden of this world, to then be replanted in the gardens of Heaven, where you will enjoy the supreme happiness that the Lord and the Mother of God have prepared for each of ye, for all of ye!

I, Bernadette, your sister before you in the glory, love ye very much! I dearly love this place, chosen by Heaven, which is the new Lourdes of the Mother of God. Here, where She will finish the plans which She began with Me in Lourdes, I am and always will be, strongly present to, with Her, act powerfully for your salvation, act powerfully for the conversion of sinners, act powerfully for the salvation of all mankind. Pray, pray more, because prayer is the salvation of the world, it is your salvation and the salvation of all families. With prayer, ye will save yourselves; without prayer, you are already lost. Pray, pray a lot, because he who prays a lot is saved; he who prays little is in danger of condemnation and he who does not pray condemns himself. Pray, because prayer is what will attract the Second World Pentecost, which will convince men of sin, which will show them the truth, which will convince them of the truth and will cause many hearts to open to the new time of grace, holiness and love that the United Hearts prepare every day for ye.

I, Bernadette, am with you, cover ye with My Mantle and I especially cover My most beloved Marcos, who always loved Me, always honored Me with his devotion, with his prayer and his affection and who, through everything that he did, the Videos of the Apparitions of the Mother of God to Me in Lourdes, as well as My Chaplet and of all the other things that he did to make Me known and loved, thanks to him and in him, I Am now more known, I Am loved, I Am invoked with trust and can thus act much more in favor of the salvation of souls. In the person, in the job and in the work of My dear Marcos, the Lady of Lourdes has Her greatest Triumph and I, too, have the greatest exaltation of the truth of the Apparitions of Lourdes and also the knowledge of the glory of the Most Holy Virgin who revealed to Me in the Grotto of Lourdes great mysteries of Her Immaculate Conception, of Her glorious dignity as Mother of God and also of Her most pure and infinite love.

I bless everyone now and especially to you, too, beloved Marcos, I bless you now generously, from LOURDES, TURZOVKA and JACAREÍ.

Peace, Marcos. Peace to all of ye, My beloved brethren."


“My beloved brethren, I, QUITERIA, servant of the Lord and of the Mother of God, am happy to come to come bless ye today.

Do the Rosary Crusade with love because from the Rosary Crusade depends your salvation, that of millions of souls, of your homeland and the whole world.

Do the Rosary Crusade with love, giving the Mother of God, your Meditated Rosary prayed with love, devotion and piety, so that the satanic forces can be overcome and destroyed in ye, in families and in the whole world.

Do the Rosary Crusade now on any day of the week, not just on Sunday. Do it so that all week there are always souls in their homes praying the Holy Rosary for the salvation of Brazil, of the world and of souls.

I, Quiteria, will pray with you, I will come with Heaven's Holy Angels to bless ye, to pray with you, to help ye in the fight, in the spiritual battle through the Rosary against all the forces of evil, against all the powers of evil.

Be holy as the Lord God wants you to be holy. Holiness consists above all: in the soul dying to herself in all things and in every moment, renounce her rebellious will to accept the will of the Lord. Thus, fulfilling His Will, the soul truly sanctifies herself and when a soul sanctifies herself, many millions of other souls would sanctify themselves by her, by her prayers, sacrifices, her life example, and then, the world will increasingly become the Kingdom of the United Sacred Hearts, kingdom of peace, kingdom of love!

Desire holiness, for desiring holiness is the first step to obtain it. Those who really want holiness will come to great holiness, to great spiritual perfection and will certainly be a great saint in the glory of Heaven. The desires of the soul are wings that make it fly increasingly faster on the path of perfection, so that she then, acquiring virtue after virtue, can increasingly each day leave sin, resemble the very heart of Christ, the very heart of the Immaculate Virgin and the Heart of Saint Joseph. Desires are wings that make the soul, looking at the great mountain of perfection, climb it quickly, for thus, free of all awkwardness, she can run, or rather, fly up the mountain until finding up there her treasure, which is holiness, to give joy, love and contentment to God for all eternity.

Oh, yes! Just as a bird cannot fly if it has their leg tied to something, just as a bird cannot fly if its wings are stuck on something slimy, so also the soul cannot fly in the Heaven of holiness, on the path of holiness, fly above by the mountain of holiness, if it does not renounce all that: holds it, enslaves it to the vain things of this world. Therefore, open your heart to the holy desires of holiness, leave the death of this world and seek the life that does not pass, the eternal life that was created for ye so that you may be happy with God, the Mother of God and with Us, the blessed, for all eternity.

I, Quiteria, am by your side and the souls who asks me in prayer that I give them the holy desires of holiness, I will do it. Do like the blessed Saint Gerard did: ‘I want to be holy. I will give myself completely to God to be Holy.’ Do as the blessed Bernadette of Lourdes did, saying without ceasing: ‘I want to be Holy. I want to love God with perfect love, I want to love Him as He was never before loved.’ And then, follow these holy desires praying with love, renouncing to all form of sin, seeking always more that which pleases God and I say unto ye: with the holy desires united to prayer, united to the practice of what you say in prayer, with the practice of the virtues, ye will be in little time, great saints. The measure of your holiness will be according to the measure of the desires that you will have in your hearts to be saints.

I, Quiteria, love ye very much will always be by your side to help ye, bless ye and protect ye from every form of evil. And now I bless ye generously with love, with the blessings that Heaven has granted Me today to pour upon ye.”



(Holy Spirit): “My beloved children, I, your God, come once again from the heights, to call ye all to Me, to learn with Me the wisdom that pleases the Father, that pleases Jesus, that pleases Me, in order that you be immaculate and irreproachable in My presence.

I Am truth, I Am wisdom, I Am the river of love, I Am the river of grace and of purity. Whoever comes to Me and bathes in this river that is I Myself, will be pure, will be full of My Love, will be full of My grace. And in Me will find all the joys of the soul and all the desires of their heart will be satisfied.

Happy the soul who finds Me and who puts her heart in Me, making of Me her hope, her treasure her everything. Because this soul will receive the influx of My Love with all Its potency and I will unite Myself to this soul and with her and in her, I will live forever.

Happy the soul who does not have a divined heart before Me. 

Happy the soul who does not have a double heart, in other words, who at the same time as she loves me, she also loves My enemy, sin and Satan.

Happy the soul who does not play with Me, but who truly walks with sincerity in My presence fulfilling My precepts and seeking only that which honors Me, that which pleases Me, that which glorifies Me, what satisfies Me.

I Am the Spouse of your souls; I want to unite Myself with them, but just as a spouse would never unite to a spouse who is ugly and contaminated by a fatal disease, thus also, I cannot unite Myself with soul that is infected by sin, marred by sin and covered by woulds of sin. It is necessary that your souls be purified, it is necessary that you souls heal in order to get married with Me. 

Therefore, I offer ye the cure, I offer ye the grace of regeneration. Ask Me for the grace of the cure and purification of your souls and I will clean them of all sin, of all infection from Satan, in such a way that your souls will become: beautiful, attractive and very holy in My sight.

Then, I will unite with them with a holy pleasure and in them, I will pour the wine of My Love in such a way, that your souls will be as if intoxicated by holy love for Me and will not desire another love other than Mine and I will then be your own inheritance, your treasure and your eternal life.

In these time in which the sect, through the media, caused the river of of the mud of sin to take care of everything, of families, of the youth, of childhood, of the religious communities and of all the Church. I call ye to truly return to Me, by the path of conversion, of penance and of purification. 

The river of mud now covers everything and the sect, with its infernal astuteness, managed to cause the minds and hearts of men to despise the truth and accept the worst moral disorders as though they were good things.

I invite ye, therefore, to return to the purity of truth, to the purity of holiness, to the purity of love, for which I created ye. I invite ye to return to the innocence that I gave your souls when I created them and when I breathed the breath of life in them.

I invite ye to return to Me, to the path of principles, which are life and salvation for ye and to despise the lies and the deceptive traps, wiles and astuteness of the sect, that, through so many things, caused ye to depart from the truth, she who caused that, in your soul, the right, the correct, the good, were eclipsed and clouded by Satan's smoke.

And now, you live confused and you no longer know hat is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong, what is of God and what is of the Devil, what leads to Heaven and what leads to hell.

I come to undo this deceptive seduction, I come to pluck ye from this death and make ye enter by the road of life, of eternal life, which is the road of My Commandments.

I love ye so much and do not want ye to suffer in the future, therefore I sent ye My Most Chaste and Immaculate Spouse Mary Here, more than twenty years ago, so that She teaches ye what pleases Me, so that She teaches ye what is the truth, so that She teaches ye that which truly honors Me and that leads ye to salvation. And so that ye, by Her teaching,, despise all sin and everything that leads ye to put yeselves in Satan's hands.

Reflect, think, if I did not love ye, would I have sent My Most Chaste Spouse Here, to fight for your salvation, even knowing that, by many of ye, She would be hated and rejected? By others, She would be bruised, because She would find your hearts resistant to the truths that She came to preach to ye?

If I did not love ye, would I send the One I love most, in your midst, even knowing that ye, like ungrateful dogs, would many times bite Her Hand, that tries to save ye and pluck the scales of sins, of spiritual blindness that cover your eyes?

If I did not love ye, I would not have done this, therefore My children, believe in My Love, accept My Love and give finally today your ‘yes’ to My Love. Do not bite the Hands of My Most Chaste Spouse anymore, who is only trying to do ye good and save ye, yanking ye from spiritual blindness of sin in which ye live. Do not mistreat My Divine Spouse, May, anymore, because I say unto ye: If you continue to do this, I will be annoyed with ye, I will be angry with ye and will end up sending ye a sudden punishment, abandoning ye at the mercy of your own sins and of the demons.

Come to My Heart, this Heart that loves ye so much, to the point of having sent My Most Chaste Spouse Here and so many of My Saints. This Heart that loves ye and who came Here in person to say unto ye: I Am your origin, it was I who blew the breath of life into ye and who made ye exist. I had no need of you. Therefore, We, the Three Persons of the Trinity, decided to create you in an act of pure love so that ye might be partakers of eternal happiness by Our side.

And what have you done? Despised this immense love and traded this immense love for trifles, nefarious sins and truly for things that only increasingly bring the mouth of hell closer to your souls day after day.

I come, I come to ye, to deliver ye from the flames of hell, that ye unfortunately each day, draw closer to ye by the sins that you continually commit, offending Me.

I come to give ye the possibility of a life without suffering in eternity, happy by My side forever in Heaven. I promise ye a crown of imperishable glory, I promise ye a real mantle of light that only the princes of Heaven can have if ye follow by the path of My Commandments and of My Love. I promise ye a scepter of immortal glory that is only given to those who I truly love and those who are My real descent.

I promise ye a throne, a throne of power by My side in Heaven; power that is only given to the righteous, to the innocent, to the pure, to those who truly love what is straight and pleasant in My Eyes.

Come, My children, come to inherit all of this, and do not despise so much wealth, so much good that I offer ye by the poisoned food that My enemy presents ye.

Yes, come to Me through Mary, because since shortly after the fall of your first parents, I Myself, in My wisdom, in My supreme intelligence, decided, with the Father and with Jesus, to create Mary, She who would crush the infernal serpent. And I Myself showed Her to your first parents and to the serpent, as being the only portal of salvation for all of humanity, the only right and sure way that would lead the world to Us once again. And She who would be the only one who, with the holiness of Her Life could bring the redeemer and salvation to ye.

Ye cannot imagine the terror, the fear, the dread and at the same time the furor of the serpent when she saw Mary, because there, she already knew her defeat. There, the serpent already knew her end and she knows that in Mary, all her works, all her tricks, all the citadels of perdition that she builds crumble into dust. The serpent knows that when Mary loves a soul, when Mary chooses a soul, when She fights for a soul, when she is for a soul, when Mary enter into a soul and lives in a soul, the serpent knows that her reign in this soul is over.

Therefore, she strives to destroy Mary in hearts, she strives to diminish Mary, by making souls forget about Mary, that they look at Mary with contempt, cultivating in their hearts a hellish pride. Therefore, the serpent seeks to inoculate against Mary and against all the demonstrations of love to Mary, such as the processions, the Rosaries, the novenas, the honors due to Her Images, the serpent seeks to make all of this disappear from the face of the earth because he knows that in doing so his reign in souls remains. Therefore, destroy the serpent's reign making Mary known, loved, honored with internal acts. And, above all, external, because men are made of flesh and need to see external acts of love to Mary so that the interior is burned with love for Her.

Therefore, I live this place so much, therefore I love My dear Marcos so much, who, along all his life, always made Mary known, loved, exalted and glorified, cultivating a true devotion to Her. Inner yes, but also exterior, because a devotion closed in a tomb, in a closed heart it cannot expand, nor be transmitted to anyone. And that is why he always exalted Mary with enthusiasm and with the same fire that I gave him. Therefore, he made Mary known and loved by the videos of Her Apparitions and of the life of Her Saints who loved Her so much and by making Mary known by this, by the Meditated Rosaries, by the Hours of Prayer, by the Cenacles, by the processions, he made sure I triumphed in many hearts. Because where Mary triumphs, I also triumph, where Mary is rejected, I Am rejected, where Mary is despised and rejected I am also despised and rejected.

Therefore, Here on this place, My Heart, My Gaze is attracted to My beloved Marcos and in him pours all My complacencies and rests in him and My Divine rests with Me.

Come, My children, come Here to learn this secret of salvation and of holiness. Love Mary, honor Mary, live in Mary and let Mary live in ye and ye then, ye shall have Me within ye, living in ye and ye will live in Me.

Here, I wish to form the great Saints that I Myself showed to My servant, Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort, also to other Saints who would arise in the end times. Therefore, once and for all, give your yes, renounce yeselves and all sin, so that I can then, with speed, with strength, lead ye by the path of salvation, of the salvation that makes ye immaculate before My Eyes and truly gives ye the resemblance of Myself, so that the world, seeing Me in ye, in other words, feeling My presence in your soul and in your life. seeing the beautiful and sweet fruits of holiness that U want to produce in ye, believes in Me and believing in Me has its salvation.

I love ye and bless ye generously now through Mary, with Mary and in Mary. And upon your souls, I pour My breath of Love, of Grace, Purification and Holiness.”