Since Februray 7th, 1991, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Most Holy Mary, Saint Joseph , the Holy Ghost, the Angels and Saints, have been appearing daily in Jacareí, São Paulo, Brazil, at 6:30PM (Brasília time). She introduces Herself as Queen and Messenger of Peace and makes one last call to conversion, through a Young man: Marcos Tadeu, who in the beginning of the Apparitions was only 13 years old. They are the most intense Apparitions in the history of our country, and Most Holy Mary says that they are the last Apparitions for Humanity. The Mother of God asked that would be done every day, at 8 PM, the Holy Hour of Peace, so that families convert themselves and the world has Peace. She promised Her protection to the families who do it every day. Our Lady says that the Apparitions of Jacareí and of Medjugorje (ex-Yugoslavia) are the continuation and the CONCLUSION of Fatima.

Friday, May 24, 2013

March 17, 2013- Message from Most Holy Mary


“My beloved children, I invite ye to TRUE CONVERSION OF HEART so that ye truly can become the dwelling of the Most High and at the same time, the channel of His Love for the entire world. Love the Lord with all your heart, giving Him all your life. Do not ask the Lord what He can do for ye, but yes what ye can do for Him. Offer your life to the Lord’s service as the Saints did, so that truly through ye, the sanctifying water, the water of His grace can flow and run over this world in the midst of men dominated by sin and by Satan, so that everyone can finally be freed from the predominance and of the satanic yoke of My adversary, and thus, the world can know a new time of peace, of grace, beauty and holiness. 

Your life is a precious gift from the Lord that must be put at His service so that He can perform in ye that which He planed since the instant in which your soul was created and infused by Him in your body. The Lord wove then, a plan of perfect love upon ye, but, could not be performed if ye do not give a generous, true and total yes, to Him as I Myself gave Him.     

Do not ruin the Lord’s plan anymore with your rebellion and your refusal to do what He says, but rather, today, turn your hearts to Him so that then, once and for all, He puts agoing His Divine Plan of Love in your life that will culminate with the glorious Triumph of My Immaculate Heart in ye and in the entire world.
Make My Apparition to My little daughter, Mother Mariana de Jesus, known by My children of the whole world so that, as soon as possible, everything I predicted and requested there, se realize and My Heart triumphs in Brazil, in Ecuador and in the entire world, finally putting Satan in chains in hell so that he does not come out from there anymore to harm the Earth.
Here, in My Apparitions in Jacareí, I finished that which I started in My Apparitions in Quito. Here, in this holy place, where My Heart is so consoled, so loved, so glorified by My little son, Marcos, who serves Me with all his heart since he was 13 years old: he who gave Me all his life, he who never had another love that was not Me, he who with his works has glorified My Heart before the entire world, in he whom I will accomplish the prophecies contained in all My Apparitions, mainly in My Apparitions to Mother Mariana de Jesus, he who will carry out that which I started with My daughter, he who is truly the sign of My Immaculate Heart for the entire world and Here in this place where My Heart shineth as never before, I will take all My Secrets, all My works and all My plans to their perfect accomplishment. So, ye who are included in this so great work, do not waste more time in the pursuit of your disordered human desires, but, rather, sanctify your works, your time and your life, working for Me for the diffusion of My Messages, of My Holy Hours of Prayer that I gave ye here, of the videos of My Apparitions that My Marcos Tadeu made for Me, so that thus, as soon as possible, My Heart pour My flame of Love on the entire world, transforming into only one furnace of love for the Lord, and thus the infernal empire is overthrown and My empire, the empire of the Lord, the heavenly empire of love is finally raised on Earth.

Continue with all the prayers that I gave ye Here, for through them, My Immaculate Heart, every day, pours over ye many effective graces so that you conquer the sin inside of ye, around ye, in your home and in the world. Thus, soon gleams, soon gleams a new dawn of salvation for the world, the day of the Lord’s Grace.
To all at this time, I bless generously with love from LA SALETTE, from PONTMAIN and from JACAREÍ. Peace, Marcos. Peace, My beloved children.”