Since Februray 7th, 1991, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Most Holy Mary, Saint Joseph , the Holy Ghost, the Angels and Saints, have been appearing daily in Jacareí, São Paulo, Brazil, at 6:30PM (Brasília time). She introduces Herself as Queen and Messenger of Peace and makes one last call to conversion, through a Young man: Marcos Tadeu, who in the beginning of the Apparitions was only 13 years old. They are the most intense Apparitions in the history of our country, and Most Holy Mary says that they are the last Apparitions for Humanity. The Mother of God asked that would be done every day, at 8 PM, the Holy Hour of Peace, so that families convert themselves and the world has Peace. She promised Her protection to the families who do it every day. Our Lady says that the Apparitions of Jacareí and of Medjugorje (ex-Yugoslavia) are the continuation and the CONCLUSION of Fatima.

Friday, March 1, 2013



“Beloved children, today, again I come to invite ye to the true loveLet love live in your heart. Love is JESUS, let Him enter in your heart and in ye make His abode.
       Let Love live in your heart, throwing out of it everything that opposes Jesus, everything that takes the place of My Son Jesus in your hearts, so that truly in ye, there is room for My Son to enter, live and along with His Holy Spirit, act in ye, transforming ye from great sinners into saints, from swamps of sin into gardens of grace and beauty, transforming ye from a thick, dark night on a clear and bright day, bright as the midday sun, so that then, your life becomes a living reflection of Jesus and thus the whole world knows My Son's love, sees His power and His glory manifested in ye, in your person and in your holiness.
       Let Love live in your hearts, saying yes to His eternal call, collaborating with Him and permitting that He truly transform ye, fill ye with His grace, makes ye full of Gifts from His Holy Spirit, so that your soul truly transformed into a burning furnace of love, can light the fire of the love of Jesus in the entire world, melt the ice of ingratitude, of indifference and of mortal sin that overlies so many hearts and so many souls, turning them truly into other furnaces of love like ye.
       I am with you, My children, and know what goes on inside your heats, I know how much sin still dominates your souls and how much you are still slaves of sin and of your own self. Therefore, I call ye to this time of conversion, to truly renounce to everything that enslaves ye so that finally God’s Plan is fulfilled in your life while there is still time for this, because I tell ye: The signs of the times are happening before your eyes, the signs which indicate that you are close to the time of the great punishment and that the time of your conversion is almost over. So, do not waste time, what you have to do, do it TODAY, while the sun is shining, because the clouds are already on the horizon and soon, great will be the darkness that will beset all the Earth and no one else will have light to work. 
      Before it gets dark, I came to illuminate ye the path and to show ye the true way that you must follow. Run fast now for it, before the night falls, because I tell ye My children: While it is day, you can find Me in My Apparitions. When the night falls, you will no longer find Me, nor hear My voice. 
       Convert yeselves without delay! Finally put into practice all the Messages that I gave ye, obey everything that I told ye along this time, follow the example of My little daughter ANGELA FROM CASANOVA STAFFORA, obey Me with one hundred percent totality and perfection and do not listen nor obey those who do not obey Me and who are contrary to My Messages. This way, I can lead ye securely by the path of perfect love, of holiness, so that at the moment of the Wrath of God I can have ye all under My Mantle safe with Me and can thus lead ye to the new Heaven and the new Earth that is approaching ye.

       I will only protect at that hour those who have obeyed My Messages with real love and have My Sign marked in their souls. Therefore, obey My Messages so that I can engrave My sign in ye, which is the signal of Jesus that you are truly children of the Most High, members of His body, His real family and thus can introduce ye in the Banquet that My Son will give to all those who in this time of the great tribulation were faithful to Him until the end.

       To everyone, at this moment, I bless with love. I bless this Place that is My School of Holiness, where I form My children in the true love of God, in the true faithfulness and obedience to Him and I especially bless you, Marcos, the most endeavored, self-sacrificing and forgetful of himself of My children and who always thought more in Me than in himself and always put My welfare before his own. 

      To you, I bless generously at this moment, from LOURDES, from BONATE and from JACAREÍ. Peace, My beloved children. Peace to you, Marcos.”
         (MARCOS):  “Yes... See you soon!”