Since Februray 7th, 1991, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Most Holy Mary, Saint Joseph , the Holy Ghost, the Angels and Saints, have been appearing daily in Jacareí, São Paulo, Brazil, at 6:30PM (Brasília time). She introduces Herself as Queen and Messenger of Peace and makes one last call to conversion, through a Young man: Marcos Tadeu, who in the beginning of the Apparitions was only 13 years old. They are the most intense Apparitions in the history of our country, and Most Holy Mary says that they are the last Apparitions for Humanity. The Mother of God asked that would be done every day, at 8 PM, the Holy Hour of Peace, so that families convert themselves and the world has Peace. She promised Her protection to the families who do it every day. Our Lady says that the Apparitions of Jacareí and of Medjugorje (ex-Yugoslavia) are the continuation and the CONCLUSION of Fatima.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Holy Medal of Peace


Jacarei, november, 8th, 1993 - The Revelation of the Holy Medal of Peace

In november, 1993, the young Marcos Tadeu was distinguished with the revelation of the Holy Medal of Peace. The Virgin appeared crushing the head of the infermal serpent, and then took the majestic position that is seeing on the Medal. Appeared then in Her hands a bright Sacred Host, and a Rosary made of light accounts, at left. In Her head a crown with 12 stars. Beneath Her feets formed a cloud, where one could seen 7 dazzling roses. Then appeared in bright letters in arch form on the Apparition the setence: "Queen and Messenger of Peace"
The scene turned and showed a great heart sorrounded by thorns, whence came a great light, and from this light came a bright dove with the following words glittering around Him: "Pray for Peace for the entire world" The Mother of God said to Marcos: "Have to minting a Medal like I'd showed you, and spread it all over the world, this Medal particular Graces Love of My Heart, shall be used by all who wish the Peace. All that wear it with devotion will receive great Graces from My Heart. Will bring Peace where there is war. Your families will be filled with Peace and Love. Satan will be powerless to see this Medal and will flee before those who brought it with devotion. The feelings of hatred, bitterness, and discord will disappear from where is present My Medal. Call it MEDAL OF PEACE. It will be Grace's sign for those who use it with faith and devotion."
The seer Marcos Tadeu obeyed, and ordered to minting, since then The Holy Medal of Peace, extraordinary Grace of the Mother of God, to the whole world.

Jacareí, december, 26, 2010 . Message of Our Lady

“My beloved children! Today I bring again with Me on My arms, my Divine Son Jesus, The King of Peace, for that he bless you with His Peace, fill you of It, so until overflow, until to make overflowing your hearts and your souls of His Divine Peace! Only the way in God is the Peace, only the life in God is the Peace, only the soul that is in God, is in Peace.
When the sould walk by the perfect compliment's path of the God's will, can to say that is in Peace, can to say that lives in
Peace. Although it passes through many tribulations and setbacks, nothing hold it, nothing to get it tired, nothing drop it, nothing prevents his step, because his inner strength is invincible, is the force that springs from the certainty of the fullfilment, of the God's will, and of to be living the true life in God. The soul's force that is in God, the strength of the soul that lives the way by which God has called it, is invincible! Even tough the seas to rebel, even tough the waves howl against the ship of his faith, his soul and his heart, will not can make the boat sink, because who leads it, is the same who was with the apostles on the sea of Galilee, and forth from the storms and winds, and didn't let the apostles's boat sink, although he seemed to sleep. And in due time, got up and commanded the winds and the sea to calm down, be quiet, and there was Peace. So too will be the life of all those who faithfully fullfil the Lord's will, although sailing the stormy and billowing seas of this life, in due time God will give His Eternal Peace. That Peace which St. Paul spoken, which passeth all understanding, all comprehension, that the world hasn't, that the world cannot to own, cannot to buy, and cannot to lose, because this Peace is only God and only the real life in God.  So I came here, as Queen and Messeger of Peace, for to offering you this Peace and for to give you this Peace. For to teach you that this Peace, the real Peace can only be found in God, living a true life in Him, and in perfect fullfilment of His Will, even if it isn't your will. Only in God can be found the Peace, and you can only to find God, when you denies yourself, embraces Jesus's Cross and follows walks every day of your life wherever He goes, and for wherever He leads the soul. Only in God is this Peace, and God is only found when the man denies himself. So then God, God reveals Himself to the souls and he gives all His love, and it is so full of Peace, by the Truth that it knows, by the well which enjoys, and the joy that it has proof that it belongs the true Peace, able to change the world, and even all seas and oceans of the earth are nothing compared with the grandeur, with the extend and depth of this true Peace! I came to teach you that the one true Peace, you only find in your life, when your life is a true life in God, and when your path is the God's path. To all in this time, with the King of Peace, with my spouse Joseph, generously do bless you, and ask you to continue to pray all the prayers that I have given here, and do not lose hearts! MY IMMACULATE HEART WILL TRIUNPH! Despite the people, despite the world, despite its conventions and covenants, MY IMMACULATE HEART WILL TRIUNPH! And the world will know an era of Peace, because the world will know God, and then find the true Peace. To all I do bless, from Nazareth, from Bethlehem, and from Jacareí. Go in the Peace of the Lord.”

Jacarei, october, 30, 2010.  Message of Saint Joseph

“Beloved children, my Loving Heart bless you today again, and gives you the Peace. I love you so much, so much! That I would like of to hold you all, inside my Loving Heart, for therein, my sons even drown you, at my infinite love's ocean for you. I love you so much! I love you more than your parents have loved you, or can loves you. I love you with a love, larger than the all parents in the world have together for their sons. I keep you all at my Loving Heart . My gaze is always placed on you. Trust in My Love! Trust in My Grace, and in My Protection, because I never, never will leave you alone. I am always with you! My gazes pursues you along the day, wherever you go, whatever you do. My gazes follows you, my gazes probe your heart, knows your sorrows, know your anguish, know your troubles, know your fears and ambitions, and my Heart take providence about everything. Provides before God, all necessary graces for you, for that you can live in peace, and forever more walk, and to grow up at the perfect God's Love, at His perfect fullfilment of His commandments and for that you can win with love and faith, all difficults and battles in this life. I am always with you! No tear falls from your eyes no that I see it, without that I become aware, without I know. Then my sons, give me all your cares, all your difficults. Pray very much to my Loving Heart! Contemplate it! Because to contemplate my Loving Heart is the same as to contemplate my Own Love for you. Contemplate it, and you will verify that you do have a shelter, you will verify that you do have a home, and you will verify that you can live at the atrium, of my Loving Heart, and therefore, you can lives in peace. I love you so much! I've offered you so many times My Love, but to many people, have rejected it! I already do not know else, what to do for to show you My Love, and for to make you belive that My Love for you is True, is Big and Pure, is Faithful, and nothing else wishes from you than the perfect correspondence, in other words, to be loved by you all! Come my children! Give me your hearts, and I will completely takes you, and I will place you inside of My Loving Heart, where we'll live together, where we'll stay together, at the same thrill, at the same rhythm of love for the Lord, for to His Love's Law, for to His Word. And then, with our beating hearts, at the same rhythm, we'll glorify the Holy Trinity, with the perfect Love Hymn's. Pray, pray very much! The pray my sons is always your salvation, and the world's salvation. There is nothing most important, there is nothing most precious and powerful, on this earth, than the pray. Because the pray, done with heart, is Love, and the Love ascends to Heaven, and do makes that The Supreme Love, make to rain on the earth, the Mercy, Peace, Grace, and Salvation's Grace!  PRAY VERY MUCH! THOSE WHO PRAYS VERY MUCH, SAVES HIMSELF. THOSE WHO PRAYS A LITTLE IS IN DANGER OF DAMNATION. AND THOSE WHO DOES NOT PRAY, IS ALREADY CONDEMNED. Do pray! Do pray! I will pray with you! Pray with me, and your pray will contain all power. I bless you all, at this very moment.”

Jacareí, March, 29, 2006   - Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ:

“Joseph is My living Mercy to this earth's sinners. Whose one which looks to Saint Joseph with love, will be saved.
The Heart of Joseph is the Heaven's gate, and whom enter by it will reach Me. I do not embodied myself, only to redeem the world of the sin, but for to be the Son of Joseph, My Beloved Servant. He possessed so manny virtues, and on a so eminent degree, that greatly attracted Me to Him, and I become His Son. (Jesus beautifully smiled, when He said it) Oh! How I'm pleased into give everything to souls through Joseph, My Dear Father. My Eternal Father is well pleased that the souls receive everything from My Hands by Joseph, united with My Mother. Marcos, big is the Love that My Father Joseph has for you, of which, I asked you to get everything from Him, if it is of My Will. Whatever you ask Him to destroy, He will destroy, whatever you ask Him to Bless, He will, therefore My angel,goes to Him at every instant for to ask Him His protection and His support. In Joseph are all my Mercy's treasuries, by Joseph, My Sacred Heart will finally reign on earth.” (The Lord had a Majestic Countenance that day, getting even to smile when He said those wonders of Saint Joseph. Jesus was dressed of white.) 

24th January, 2008   -  Message of the Letaniel Angel

“- The Peace to you Marcos. Peace to all of you! I, LETANIEL, desire you peace… Peace! … Peace! … Peace! … Nothing disturbs your peace… Continue with all the prayers that had been given you here, over all the Mediated Rosary. These prayers change the God’s plain in your favor, they cancel the punishments and they attract many blessings and the Peace. Pray…  Be in the peace of the Lord.…”