Since Februray 7th, 1991, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Most Holy Mary, Saint Joseph , the Holy Ghost, the Angels and Saints, have been appearing daily in Jacareí, São Paulo, Brazil, at 6:30PM (Brasília time). She introduces Herself as Queen and Messenger of Peace and makes one last call to conversion, through a Young man: Marcos Tadeu, who in the beginning of the Apparitions was only 13 years old. They are the most intense Apparitions in the history of our country, and Most Holy Mary says that they are the last Apparitions for Humanity. The Mother of God asked that would be done every day, at 8 PM, the Holy Hour of Peace, so that families convert themselves and the world has Peace. She promised Her protection to the families who do it every day. Our Lady says that the Apparitions of Jacareí and of Medjugorje (ex-Yugoslavia) are the continuation and the CONCLUSION of Fatima.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Message FEBRUARY, 11, 2011


"My children, today when you are commemorating the birthday of my first Apparition in Lourdes to my little child Bernadette, I invite you all to stand up your gaze to Me, your Immaculate Mother that in the elected Massabiele grotto's confirmed the Dogma of My Immaculate Conception, and called the entire world to the penance, that generate the perfect love to Lord.
            I AM THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. Told I, to my little daughter Bernadette because Preserved of all sin stain's for to be worthy Mother of God, perfect address without any stain of sin for that could to live in Me, and receive from Me the human nature, and thus, accomplish the great work of the salvation mankind.
I AM THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. Because I was truly destined to be the new garden of the Holy Trinity, the new Eve, the new creation of God, His second Eden, His second Heaven, where he could truly rest and entertain Himself in sweet loving talks with His creature, and finally delight Himself on it.
I AM THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. Because I was predestined and prophesied as that one, that should crush the serpent's head, until defeat it definitely. And so, I could not to be under the yoke of ordinary mortals slavery to sin and to this damn serpent, but yes to be free of all guilt and satanic bondage for that I could with My Power, frees my children of the tyrannical slavery of the sin and of the devil.
And so powerfully and effectively cooperate in the Work of Redemption of My Divine Son Jesus Christ. That's why I have revealed and confirmed My Dogma of the Immaculate Conception, and at the Grotto of Massabiele, for that truly you belive in my power and trully all you entrust to me without reservation, for that increasingly I liberate you from the sin's bondage and of Satan, and make you come to the Lord by a perfect penance.
PENANCE!...PENANCE!...PENANCE!... I repeatedly told to my little child Bernadette, for to lead you to a perfect resignation of yourselves, of the world and of the glories of this false and illusory world. And so even more, you can live a true life in God, for God and with God.
PENANCE!...PENANCE!...PENANCE!... For that truly you could empty of yourselves until die in you, all inordinate love of yourselves, and could then live in you the true God's Love, which only pours out itself into the purified souls, by the penance that I asked at the Lourdes Grotto's.
Only the penance generates the perfect mortification and the soul's purity that reach for you the perfect Love of God, and that He always lives in you and remains in you forever.
I keep staying Here at My Jacareí Apparitions's, which are the continuation and the completion of Lourdes, to lead you to this perfect penance that will generate in you the spiritual purity, necessary to achieve the perfect union and the perfect Love for the Lord. And with Me is My little child Bernadette, who was at everything a perfect copy of My Purity and of My Most Perfect Love to the Lord, for that she help you and take you to the perfect love to the Lord.
If you be like she was, you'll be pure water's source as was My Miracle Source that I did sprout at My Massabiele Grotto's by Bernadette's hands. Thus as well as through her, through the Source and through Bernadette I made the largest Wonders of Graces, so too through you I will make the largest conversion of the hearts for the greater Glory of the Lord and the Triumph of His Grace in the world.
To everyone today, I do bless with Love from La Salette, from Lourdes and from Jacareí. The Peace beloved Marcos and son of Mine. The Peace My children."